Spad (spadoink) wrote,

wedding pictures the second

ok, more work done, of course...i'm just about close to halfway through. maybe.
(no, reassessed...1/3)

this was the wide shot of all the principles.

this was everyone who came.

the first grand sign that this was going to be a good weekend was how far the horror theme that started with my saying, 'there they go, they'll never be back' actually went.

tyler sure can make some good faces. it wasn't the food, i promise.

proof that tyler can be cute too.

someone took a lot of shots of this girl.

my girl composed this shot with her own camera. i liked the idea.

moments before it all starts.

kilts abounded at this wedding.


jeni in her natural state.

jeni in her other natural state (hugging someone - in this case her dad)

what a handsome threesome.

cause every wedding needs a shot of the bride in a mirror these days.

dawwww. daddy and taylor

kim, father to the bride

i find this one kind of serene

i really liked their themed cake.

professor arrives...

no idea who this lady was but she sure had lots of dignity going on.

she was a cutey

so nathan is a brit. how come this smile screams brit to me?

i really like this shot.

these guys sure seemed connected at the same brain.

this lady was one of the prettiest at the wedding. she sure could light up every shot with her face expressive smile.
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